CNC Turning Services

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

CNC Turning is a modern manufacturing process that can create high volumes of intricate components with speed and precision. Now an industry standard, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing processes led to a boom in precision engineering because of the increased ability to keep tight tolerances, avoid waste and save on overall production costs. CNC Turning is most commonly used to produce metal components for the automotive, aerospace, and specialty engineering industries, but the technology is versatile enough to be used in a variety of applications.

How Does A CNC Turning Machine Work?

CNC Turning machines use subtractive machining technology to remove material from a raw workpiece. Using CNC, pre-programmed computer software turns the bar stock at high speeds and controls the movement of various manufacturing tools. As the piece rotates, cutting tools move in and out of the workspace on all axes to remove material and create the desired shape.

At BIC Precision Machine Co, we have a variety of CNC lathes, enabling us to provide precision turning, threading, drilling, and boring for a wide range of component designs and specifications (up to 4-place decimal tolerances). Our CNC Turning machines can:

  • Barfeed material up to 3” diameter
  • Chuck on material up to 15” diameter
  • Create enhanced features, such as tailstocks for live centers, sub-spindles with live tooling, and twelve to twenty-four-position turrets

What Are the Benefits of CNC Turning?

High Production Volume — CNC Turning enables our team to create high quantities of products in shorter time frames. Once an operator programs the machine with the desired specifications, production can run with limited intervention or interruption.

Precision and Accuracy — Since the CNC manufacturing process relies on computer-assisted design (CAD) files, CNC Turning machines can be relied upon to create a smooth and accurate finish on even the most complex components.

Enhanced Capability — CNC Turning is a versatile manufacturing process that can be applied to aluminum, brass, low-carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and other materials. In addition, our machines can use specialty lathes to perform a variety of operations, ultimately saving clients time and money.

Contact our team today to find out if CNC Turning is right for your manufacturing needs.