CNC Turning Services

Vertical & Horizontal Capabilities

Several of our Vertical Machining Centers, currently eight (8), are equipped with 4th axis capability, which allows for an added level of machining complexity


The processes we have developed and implemented over the last 2.5 decades, allow us to satisfy our customers with On-time delivery of Quality-Machined Products. With over 1300 calibrated, company owned gages, and a Mitutoyo CMM, we conduct all inspections with confidence. We also offer contract inspecting, including necessary reports, upon request.


Band Saw, Manual Lathe, Knee Mill, Chamfer Machine

We use an assortment of auxiliary equipment to produce finished parts for our customers.

B.I.C. Precision Machine Company

B.I.C. Precision Machine can completely satisfy your Milling, Turning & Grinding needs through use of our in-house machining capabilities, as well as through relationships with our network of quality outsourcing partners.

Upon receipt of customer drawings and part specifications, a determination is made as to the most efficient way to process the part from start to finish. By utilizing our well-maintained CNC equipment, along with experienced machinist and proper inspection methods, we have provided our customers with quality parts and on-time delivery for nearly two decades. Our reputation can be shown through the many long-standing relationships and the continual improvement and growth of our company.

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