About Us

Company History

Celebrating 25 years in business!

B.I.C. Precision Machine Co., Inc. started in Goshen, Ohio in 1997 but moved into a larger facility in Blanchester, Ohio in 2008 as the business grew. We are a proud, second generation family business, with over 40 employees, in our recently expanded 21,000 square foot facility. 

The four original owners began with a vision to fill the niche of customized job-shop manufacturing and give credit to God for their growth and success since incorporating. 

Now led by President Sarah Burns since 2022 and Co-Owners Shawn Allen, Steve Bellamy, Mike Bellamy and Vernon Bellamy, B.I.C. Precision Machine continues to uphold its foundations built upon Christian faith, ethics, and a core belief that all things work to the good for those that love the Lord. At B.I.C. Precision Machine, we take pride in our commitment to product quality, on-time delivery and overall integrity.

Our machining services are currently used to serve a variety of industries, including, but not limited to, food manufacturing, electronics & sensors, medical, packaging, oil & gas and transportation.

We offer custom and quality general machining services for a variety of customers. B.I.C. Precision Machine has been ISO 9000 registered since 2007. We’ve also received multiple awards as a top supplier and have been recognized for our adherence to On-Time Delivery.

We offer a variety of custom machining services including:

BIC Ownership Team



As a teenager, Sarah was regularly involved in the early stages of the family business. Sarah continued part time employment with BIC while completing her Business Degree at Wilmington College, and also interning for the City of Mason Engineering/Building department. Sarah quickly realized her place is in the family business and joined full time in 2005.

Upon the 2022 retirement of founding President, Victor T. Burkhart Jr., Sarah was elected President and currently embraces that role at B.I.C.

Sarah loves traveling and spending time with her family. She plays piano, quilts, cooks, and likes to tackle little DIY’s at home. Her weekends are always spent watching her daughter play soccer, her son play baseball & basketball, and at church with her friends and family. She looks forward to times her stepson and daughter in law come home for visits.



Shawn has been part of the BIC team since 2003. He felt that with this opportunity he could not only take part in the family business, but could also learn a valuable trade. Shawn takes great pride in his family and their company.

Shawn has been married to his wife, Jessica, since 2001 and they have two children, Kayla and Jacob. They are active members of their church. Shawn prioritizes spending time with his family in the outdoors camping, bike riding, and hiking.



As a pre-teen, Steve would ride his bike to his father Vernon’s workplace at the end of the workday and go inside and see the machine he was running. During the summer of 2000, before Stephen’s senior year in high school, he got the opportunity to work for the summer in the family’s machine shop. He enjoyed it so much that he joined the family business full-time following graduation.

Steve has three children and a wife that love to spend time together and take weekend trips. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, off-roading and wrenching on cars.


Vice President, Co-Owner

Mike enjoyed the Woodworking Shop at his High School so he decided to further his manufacturing training to include Machine Trades at his county Vocational School. Now, Mike has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing.

Mike has been married to the same wonderful lady since 1982. He and his wife have two beautiful daughters and three fantastic grandchildren. Mike enjoys the outdoors. He cuts his own firewood, fishes, and hunts. Mike is also an active member of his local church taking on responsibilities where he can.


Vice President, Co- Owner

Vernon is one of the four original founders of B.I.C. Precision Machine. Together with his family, Vernon worked to build a family business in the machining industry that would provide for their families and the generations to come. With hard work and long hours, the Bellamy family has been blessed to see that dream come true.

Vernon and his wife, Sylvia, have been happily married since 1989. They enjoy spending time together with their 4 children and 6 grand daughters. Vernon enjoys the outdoors, hunting and fishing when time allows. He is also active in his local church.